Big Password Dictionary for Validation

Spanish dictionary pages up into the air by Horia Varlan

Continuing my previous posts [1][2] on checking passwords against dictionaries, I have completed a dictionary for the extremely paranoid. It is a compilation of  the ‘Crackstation‘, ‘g0tmi1k‘ and ‘WPA-PSK WORDLIST 3 Final’ dictionaries.

The passwords are all in lower-case, Unicode NFKD normalized, unique and sorted. I also dropped all passwords shorter than 8 characters and more than 32 characters (most where junk entries anyway).

That gives about a result of 1123 million passwords, and since there isn’t case sensitive variations you should do an case-insensitive compare when checking your incoming passwords. This also makes the dictionary mostly useless as a “cracking” dictionary.

The dictionary is released as CC-BY-SA.

Download the dictionary. [3.1GB]